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Private Wealth


For Individuals or Families with Investable Assets of $3,000,000+.

With over 300 years of combined expertise in managing individuals and families wealth, our team at CapTrust provides objective investment and comprehensive wealth planning services. Our aim is to help each of our relationships understand their personal circumstance, develop a tailored strategy and regularly monitor progress against agreed upon milestones.

Under our direction, based on a deep understanding of individual clients' needs, we are able to engage some of the most effective institutional money managers on a global scale. Many of these managers specialize with organizations like ours where they have a closer connection to clients. Because of our consultative and collaborative approach, we believe we are in a position to lead our clients in the most appropriate course of action. Our decision to retain or replace the services of investment managers stems from our independent research group and our formal Investment Research Committee. We believe this unbiased approach creates better long-term investment results and enhanced client relationships.

We treat investing as a business. Our clients typically have many other responsibilities. To ensure our relationships are well-maintained, our process, programs and decision trees must be organized and carefully scrutinized on a systematic timetable. We provide regular monthly statements and a comprehensive quarterly report for each client.

CapTrust adds value in all pillars of the wealth management process by augmenting proficiency in client relationships while providing guidance in this specific area of concentration. We collaboratively work with our clients' team of professionals that perform services including Estates and Trusts Attorney's, CPAs, Family Office Directors, Financial Planners and other advisors and agents. It is our custom that CapTrust professionals have an understanding and appreciation of our clients' family dynamics and provide advice that spans multiple generations.

The first step in this process involves contacting us to arrange a personal meeting to discuss your situation and goals. That can be done by clicking the email icon on this screen. We will respond promptly. You will find more information about our comprehensive investment process under Our Approach section of this website. Please visit Team of Professionals area to preview the professional capabilities of our full team of professionals.

We look forward to visiting with you and learning about your personal requirements.

CapTrust can add value without disrupting your existing investment relationships. We work closely with you to help you better understand how each investment relationship is different and to determine the most appropriate way they may be enhanced. By doing this, we develop an easy-to-understand, tailored reporting system which allows for closely monitoring progress towards goals.